About the Cover Image

Hip-Chopin ©Piotr-Micherewicz

The image of Chopin that appears on the cover of Chasing Chopin was created by Piotr Micherewicz in 2009 as an entry in a poster contest designed to emphasize the connection between Chopin and Warsaw. In addition to having a different color scheme, the button with the little heart on Chopin’s hoodie originally included just the unofficial abbreviation used by locals to refer to their home city, WWA. This shorthand is regarded by authorities as an incorrect usage — a form of slang, even. Piotr graciously agreed to modify the button, replacing WWA with WARSAW so the connection would be immediately apparent to an American audience. But the spirit of the unofficial original lives on. [Click on the image to enlarge it]

In late 2019 the AMS Poster Gallery commemorated the 20th anniversary of its poster contest with an outdoor exhibition in Warsaw. Piotr’s poster appears below. 

Micherewicz Chopin sm

9th edition of the AMS Poster Gallery competition, theme: Fryderyk Chopin’s connections with Warsaw (2009) 
Author: PIOTR MICHEREWICZ, piotrmicherewicz@gmail.com, Oculuco.com