Chapter 2, “Pianopolis"

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PAGE 30: Lodovico Giustini, Preludio from Sonata No. 6 in B flat major, composed in 1732-1732. Played on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Cristofori Piano, by Dongsok Shin | read more

PAGE 34:  Mozart, Sonata no. 8 in A minor, K. 310, 1778, two examples

Example 1: played by Daniel Barenboim

Example 2: played by Dinu Lipatti in his final concert in Besançon, September 16, 1950

:  Chopin, Nocturne in D flat major, op. 27, no. 2, 1833-1836,  | read more | four examples

Example 1: played by Raoul Koczalski on Chopin’s Pleyel at Belweder Palace, Warsaw, 1948 

Example 2:  played by Valentina Lisitsa on an 1892 Pleyel  

Example 3:  played by Els Biesmans on an 1844 Pleyel at the Salle Gaveau, Paris

Example 4:  by Valentina Lisitsa on a modern grand piano

Page 45: Chopin, Prelude in D flat major, op. 28, no. 15   read more two examples

Example 1: played by Yuan Sheng on the 1845 Pleyel at the Frederick Collection. Starts at 1:14:30. Listen to the 2-CD collection on Spotify.

Example 2: 
played by Hélène Grimaud on a modern grand piano 

Page 48Chopin, Étude op. 10, no. 12, two examples:

Example 1: played by Ewa Tytman-Csiba on an 1837 Érard. Begins at 31:00.

Example 2:  played by Murray Perahia.

Page 48: Dmitry Albogin preluding at the First Int’l Chopin Competition on Period Instruments on a modern copy of an 1825 Buchholtz piano made by Paul McMulty. Begins at 39:27, before he plays the Bach Prelude and Fugue in F# minor

Page 48: Chopin, Mazurka in C sharp minor, op. 50, no. 3, Dmitry Ablogin on an 1842 Pleyel, again after a brief bit of preluding. Begins at 1:35:55 | read more

Page 49: Chopin, Piano concerto in F minor, op. 21, 1839/1830 | read more
Played by the Orchestra of the 18th Century; Aleksandra Świgut, Tomasz Ritter, Naruhiko Kawaguchi playing on an 1842 Pleyel | begins at 
1:54:00 | read more

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