Bach: 300, by W.E.R. LaFarge

My father wrote the poem “Bach: 300” in celebration of Bach’s 300th birthday on March 21, 1985. He explained that his “intention was to enter into a rhythm like that heard so often in Bach’s music, to stay in that rhythm long enough to vary & develop it; then, when the possibilities were satisfied, to end rather quickly, without ceremony, as Bach frequently does. The notation Allegro, belonging of course to the score, is also an instruction for the poem’s reading.” W.E.R. reproduced this poem on heavy card stock so he could share it with friends and admirers of his work. I found a box of these cards amongst his papers after he died; If you’re interested in receiving one, please email me through the contact form and I’ll be glad to be mail one, as long as supplies last. To read more of W.E.R.’s poetry, visit my High Line blog here.

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