Chapter 1, “In a Word, Poland”

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PAGE 1:  “Frederic: The Resurrection of Music” video game, Chopin vs. Sheriff,  Funeral March
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PAGE 5:  The Heynał Mariacki trumpet call, played to the four points of the compass from the tower of St. Mary’s Church, Kraków.

PAGE 11: Chopin, Scherzo No. 1 in B minor, op. 20, played by Arthur Rubinstein. The lullaby “Lulajźe Jezuniu” beings at 3:20 | read more

PAGE 11: The Polish lullaby “Lulajźe Jezuniu,” performed by the Filharmonia Narodowa with Samitra Suwannarit, soprano

PAGE 12: Chopin, Mazurka op. 17, no. 4, 1830-33, played by Vladimir Horowitz | read more

PAGE 12: Chopin, Nocturne op. 15, no. 3, in G minor, 1830-33, played by Garrick Ohlsson | read more

Page 14: Chopin, Prelude op. 28, no. 17 in A flat major, 1838-39, played by Martha Argerich. The “Castle Clock” refrain begins at 1:44 | read more

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