Introduction, “Bull’s-eye”

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PAGE xiii: J.S.  Bach, Suites for Unaccompanied Cello, around 1717-23 
Note: click here to read my father W.E.R. LaFarge’s poem “Bach: 300,” written in celebration of Bach’s 300th birthday on March 21, 1985.

Example 1: Pablo Casals, playing all the suites, 1936

Example 2: Sheku Kanneh-Mason plays Suite no. 1 in G major on British television, 2018

Example 3: Yo-Yo Ma plays Suite no. 6 in  D major, 100 meters underground at the Large Hadron Collider, 2019:

PAGE xviChopin, op. 35, 3rd movement, Marche funèbre, 1837-1840 | Vladimir Horowitz at the White House, February 26, 1978.  The  Funeral March begins at 14:32. The Trio begins at 17:00, and the second statement of the Funeral March begins at 20:56Read more

PAGE xvi: Cole Porter, “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye,” 1944, sung by Annie Lennox

PAGE xix: Erik Satie, “Embryons desséchés,” 1913. Listen to the 2nd movement, “Of an Edriophthalma.” The quoting and improvisation on Chopin’s Funeral March begins at 2:32. At 3:36 he plays with the theme from the Trio.

PAGE xix: Duke Ellington, “Black and Tan Fantasy,” 1929
Watch the final scene. The quote from Chopin’s Funeral March begins at 14:50

PAGE xix: Cab Calloway, “The Man From Harlem,” 1932

The quote from Chopin’s Funeral March begins at 0:33

PAGE xx:  Felix Arndt, “Desecration Rag Humoresque,” the quote from Chopin’s March begins at 3:45

PAGE xx:  Willem Breuker Kollektief, “Oratorium,” 1975  In this brief clip the quote from Chopin’s March begins at 1:09 [© Willem Breuker Kollektief; permission pending]

PAGE xx: Chopin, Preludes op. 28, no. 20 in C minor, three examples. Read more

Example 1: Preludes Op. 28, no. 20 in C minor, played by Ivo Pogorelich

Example 2: Preludes op. 28, no. 20 in C minor, played by jazz pianist Mieczysław Kosz

Example 3: Chopin, Preludes op. 28, no. 20 in C minor, played by the Chopin Jazz Symphony Project

PAGE xxChopin, Funeral March from op. 35 sonata, Andrzej Jagodziński Trio. Read more
[© Blue Note Agencja Artystyczna, used with permission.]

PAGE xxHenry Purcell, “The Queens Funerall March Sounded Before Her Chariot,” 1695 

PAGE xxvi: Chopin, Funeral March from op. 35 sonata, played by the United States Military Band during John F. Kennedy’s funeral, November 25, 1963

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