Opus 35: Interpretations & Pop Culture Appearances

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Below are selected recordings of, quotations from and vampings on Chopin’s Funeral March from the 20th and 21st centuries. They  range from traditional classical performances on modern and period pianos to interpretations by jazz and other modern musicians. Also here are appearances in video games, film, television programs, state funerals, and more. This page will stay relatively static; if you want stay in touch with  Chopin in today’s world follow me on Twitter, @anniklafarge.

Vladimir Horowitz playing the Funeral March at Jimmy Carter’s White House, February 26, 1978, in a recital conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his debut in America. The  Funeral March begins at 14:32. The Trio begins at 17:00, and the second statement of the Funeral March begins at 20:56. [Note: the full concert is available on Spotify]

Hélène Grimaud plays the full sonata. The first statement of the funeral march begins at 14:10, the Trio begins at 16:40, the second statement of the march begins at 20:48.

Joanna Różewska plays the entire sonata at the 1st International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments, September 10, 2019, on an 1837 Érard piano. The performance of Op. 35 begins at 3:02:15. The funeral march begins at 3:15:35.

Andrzej Jagodziński Trio, from their album “Chopin, Jagodziński, Sonata b-moll”
[© Blue Note Agencja Artystyczna, used with permission.]

Erik Satie, “Embryons desséchés,” 1913

Listen to the 2nd movement, “Of an Edriophthalma.” The quoting and improvisation on Chopin’s Funeral March begins at 2:34. At 3:36 he plays with the theme from the Trio.

Duke Ellington, “Black and Tan Fantasy,” 1929
Watch the final scene. The quote from Chopin’s Funeral March begins at 14:50

Cab Calloway, “The Man From Harlem,” 1932

The quote from Chopin’s Funeral March begins at 0:35

Willem Breuker Kollektief, “Oratorium,” 1975  
In this brief clip the quote from Chopin’s March begins at 1:09. [© Willem Breuker Kollektief; permission pending]

United States Military Band playing the Funeral March during John F. Kennedy’s funeral, November 22, 1963.

Italian Military Band playing the Funeral March in Rome on February 25, 2021, while escorting the caskets of Italian Ambassador to Congo Luca Attanasio and a carabiniere assassinated with him, Vittorio Iacovacci. Later all three parts of the March are played, with the Trio beginning at 1:22:27.

“Frederic: The Resurrection” video game, the duel between Chopin vs. Sheriff, played to the Funeral March. Produced by Forever Entertainment, used with permission.

Looney Toons “Scaredy Cat,” execution scene starts at 2:09.

“Mataron el Negro Bembón,” a vulgar song from the 1950s movie. Towards the end, a clarinet plays the melody from the Funeral March, at 2:00

“The Undertaker Entrance Video,” produced for the American wrestler Mark William Calaway, aka “The Undertaker,” using Chopin’s Funeral March and techno music, a strategy he later abandoned for something more upbeat.

The Great Kat, a thrash-metal artist known for persona as a dominatrix, performs her interpretation of the Funeral March from op. 35.

The Erasable Pilot Pen, television commercial. “Make no mistake…”